Gutter Cleaning

At Paramount Pressure Washing, we use the latest and greatest of technologies to clean your gutters of debris. Using the exclusive Sky-Vac system with camera, a single technician can clean out your gutters while standing on the ground. Equipped with a 40 foot carbon fiber tube and a camera mounted on top, we can see live action video of what we are cleaning.  The high powered vacuum contains all the dirt and debris in a nice, tidy vacuum canister that we take with us when we leave.

This is a safest way to clean gutters. No more ladders. No more climbing around on roofs. No fall protection required. Have peace of mind knowing there is zero risk of anyone getting injured in a fall and zero risk to roof/shingle damage with our exclusive system. With a whopping 40 feet of reach no gutter is too high for our machine.

Once the inside of your gutters have been sucked clean, we can flush them and your downspouts with water to remove any residual debris. This will ensure fast and efficient flow during the next rainfall.

Sometimes, your gutters is part of the aesthetic of the exterior of your home or business. We offer a “gutter brightening” service. Using good old fashioned soap and water, our technicians can remove the tired and aging caused by weather, ultra violet light and dirt.  can all contribute to a tired and aging look of your gutters so let our technicians use old fashioned soap and water, all while never stepping on a ladder, to brighten the look of your gutters.

Gutters that are left full of debris can cause water to pool along your roofline, which can in turn cause your roof or fascia (the board that runs along your gutter) to rot. Water can also end up trapped in the gutters which is a perfect place for mosquitos and other pests to live. The weight of this water and the debris can put tremendous strain on the brackets holding up your gutters, sometimes causing them to break. Any water that makes it off your roof will land and pool in places you are not expecting. This can cause ground flooding that damages or kills your gardens. If not handled before overnight freezing conditions start, pooled water can crack your foundation, leaving your home vulnerable to flooding.

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Real video of our SkyVac gutter vacuum at work cleaning the gutters of a house and detached shed.